This Oakland Project Is Connecting the Dots Between Climate, Food, and Health

Something to think about…

From unfair wages to racial inequality, Americans have a lot to gripe about. But it’s not all bad—at least we have the luxury of a porcelain throne. Four out of 10 people in the world don’t have access to a toilet. That’s 2.5 billion human beings forced to defecate in the open, making them, including many children, susceptible to deadly diseases. 


Drought? What Drought? Portland Is Throwing Out 38 Million Gallons of Water


The Catch of the Day at This Seafood Chain Is Trans Fat

Thanks to this, we’re staying far, far away from this place.

Will politicians see the light? Oceana’s D.C. installation warns against another BP oil spill, and it’s kinda genius.


These 12 surprising foods have more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut!

BRB. We’re re-thinking our snacks for the day.


If you find glass in your Cheerios box, you can sue, sure. Unless you’ve liked their Facebook page, downloaded their coupons, or entered a “box-top” sweepstakes. 

Yeah, this new news made our jaws drop, too.

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These 7 global landmarks are in major trouble, all thanks to climate change. Visit them before it’s too late!

(And on second thought—global road trip, anyone?) 

'Smarties Mill,' a wind wheel in Sehnde, Germany is seen in this long exposure image on April 15. Installed by French artist Patrick Raynaud in September 2011, the wheel is covered with 30 string lights and strobe fixtures. As wind speeds wax and wane, so too does the intensity and color of the lights, which draw power from the turbine. The design was commissioned by Hanover's Expo-Region Climate Protection Programme for the express reason of showing the public how beautiful wind power can be.