"It’s not like astronauts are braver than other people; we’re just meticulously prepared. We dissect what it is that’s going to scare us, and what it is that is a threat to us and then we practice over and over again so that the natural irrational fear is neutralized."


A team at NASA has concluded that there is in fact a 2,500-square-mile cloud of methane—roughly the size of Delaware—floating over the Four Corners.


Some schools are canceling recess. But this North Carolina grade school is going in the opposite direction: Kids ride bikes as they read.

"Riding exercise bikes makes reading fun for many kids who get frustrated when they read," says Scott Ertl, who started the program. "They have a way to release that frustration they feel while they ride."

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"No one country, no individual group of nations is going to resolve this problem by themselves. This is going to take a collective, global response – all hands on deck. That’s the only way to get it done."

—  Secretary Kerry on Ebola, October 17, 2014 (via statedept)


'Read Books' - Animated lettering

Static version here

You can purchase this poster for $8 over here (not animating, obv)