Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! Go on with your bad self and sign up to vote. Head to to get started! #JustVote 🇺🇸👍

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When Morgan Freeman asks you “What’s Possible” for the planet, you stop, think, listen… and act. 

Check out the film that opened the U.N. Climate Summit on Tuesday, September 23rd, and be amazed at how soon, we could wake up to a different kind of Earth.

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I’m honored to be part of The White House ‪#‎ItsOnUs‬ campaign and PSA to stop sexual assault. Join me, pledge your support and be a part of the solution at

Here’s where dolphins captured at The Cove end up being sold around the world. Sickening.

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EXPOSED: Cruel practices on spanish rabbit fur farms that supply to top fashion designers caught on tape.

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The future of farming depends on younger generations. Take action to make sure they get the support they need!

Dolphins are still being found dead + injured from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. #TakeAction to make sure big oil’s money goes toward protecting them from oil! 

If you want to do more than hashtag your support (like America’s hypocritical politicians), tell Speaker Boehner to stop obstructing legislation on contraception and bring the “Not Your Boss’s Business Act” to a vote!

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So apparently anti-weed lobbyists are claiming pot cookies are date rape drugs now…

New Evidence That Sleep-Deprived Teenagers Need to Start School Later