If you want to do more than hashtag your support (like America’s hypocritical politicians), tell Speaker Boehner to stop obstructing legislation on contraception and bring the “Not Your Boss’s Business Act” to a vote!

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So apparently anti-weed lobbyists are claiming pot cookies are date rape drugs now…

New Evidence That Sleep-Deprived Teenagers Need to Start School Later

Drop everything—we just found an app like Tinder, but for local food. 

Everyone, meet Agrilicious.


School Shames Girls by Calling Them Skanks and Telling Them to Bend Over

This is alarming. Words can’t express how outraged we are about this.

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Forget everything you’ve heard about farm-to-table. You’ve never seen it like this before.


This model just put the company that slimmed her body with photoshop on BLAST! Here’s how.

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Using drones and high-tech surveillance, here’s how a military commando took down a Costa Rican kingpin’s huge illegal fishing operation.

The Genius Inventions That Could Prevent Date Rape

Elephant X-Ing.

After severe flooding in India, it’s escaping its waterlogged home.